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Next up...

My sporadic Spring Break journal continues...

Day 3
(alternately, Day 5, if we're counting weekends)

Hailey and I watched Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2 today. I will give Kristen Stewart mad props for allowing herself to look absolutely hideous at the end of part 1. I mean... O.O

That said, those movies move waaaaay too slow. At about the hour mark in part 2, I was ready for it to end.
Me: Is this movie over yet?
H: No.
Me: Why not?
H: Because they still have to fight.
Me: They could fight right now and get it over with. I wouldn't mind.
H: *starts playing with the dogs*
Me: If you're not going to watch it, I'm turning it off.
H: I'M WATCHING. This part is just a little boring.

I will, however, admit that despite its length issues, Breaking Dawn was WAY better than the first 2 movies (I haven't seen the 3rd yet, so I can't comment on that). Watching the first two makes me cringe. Not in a good way.

Okay. I'm off. I'm sure I have things to do now. I'm sure of it.
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