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Friday. Oh, Friday!

The kidlings are off school today and all next week. It's been FOUR HOURS since I woke up and the Nieceling is driving me BATTY. Naturally, I figured I'd keep a journal of this because nothing says family like being able to torture people with the truth when they're adults!

Day 1
(slightly frazzled - still maintaining an air of semi-competence. Maybe.)
(actually got dressed today. Which I don't get because I have no plans to leave the house.)

I have listened to nearly an hour and a half of Hailey recording herself doing mundane things around the house and playing it back to me at double speed and half speed. She either sounds like a mouse or a turtle depending on which speed she uses. This is amusing the first time. Not so much by the TENTH run-through.
These things include:

  1. Eating toast

  2. Walking the dogs and talking about poop. (dog poop, not human poop. Just so we're clear.)

  3. Eating the dog food I made the dogs. (she likes the rice and chicken in it. *shakes head*)

  4. Following me around the house and trying to get me to talk so that she can make me listen to myself. Which I don't want to do.

  5. Sneaking up behind me to try to get me on audio. A super stealthy spy she is not. Just sayin'.

I have many hours left in the day. We'll see how it goes.
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