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FF-Quote-The book of my life


In a fit of "OMFG! SHUT UP ABOUT THE POOR COUSIN WHO [airquote] FINALLY PROPOSED TO HIS GIRLFRIEND", I have abandoned my family for the dark cavern of my room. Except... I left the blinds and drapes open, so it's not so much a "dark cavern" as just my room.

In news that no one but me will find helpful, Scrivener is now open on my computer. I HAVE IDEAS, PEOPLE! And only three of them involve Snow Sharks. Oddly enough, several of those ideas involve a dark pit in the ground and some dirty, durty "we might die soon and should probably slake our unnatural passions before that happens" sexin'.

You're welcome, world.

Btw, I'm totally going to kill my 2013 Goodreads reading challenge goal this week. You saw it here first! Or possibly second if you caught that tweet that I tweeted this past week.

Yeah. I'm going to go browbeat some chocolate into my belly.

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I am totally open to snow shark collaboration. I mean, it just gives and gives. It's hard to see why snow sharks haven't had their own short story yet.


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