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This isn't the best way to go...

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening babysitting my baby nephew Ryan. I love the kid but when he cries for 30 minutes straight because he's too tired to do anything else... not fun. Anyway. That's obviously why I didn't journal yesterday. You know, since I vowed that I would get back to blogging on a more regular basis. Sadly, I was tired by the time I got home. I went to bed. The end.

Okay. I have books. Books, books, books.
Book #311 - Cipher (Southern Arcana #4) by Moira Rogers - As usual, I'm all crazy fangirly about this series. Waffles! And Alpha werewolves! Awesome!
Teaser Tuesday - Werewolves, angels and ... actually, I don't know what the 3rd book is about. I've only read, like, 3 pages.

I'm going to go find the naughtiest book on my Kindle and read it. Later.

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