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Not with a bang ...

Do you guys see what happens when I don't have access to LJ for a few days? I lose my journal writing momentum and then days and days and DAYS pass without a journal. I even wrote a list up yesterday of things I wanted to get done while at work and update ye olde LJ was on it. Yet, it didn't get done. I did everything else on the list. Just not that.

I am horrible.

But now I'm going to get right back on that momentum horse and not let my slackerish tendencies control me. Because I'm strong like that.

Since we're talking about momentum and other scintillating things, I'm having a crisis with my Epic Werewolf Masterpiece #1. I originally had great plans to add a bunch of stuff to the narrative to expand the time frame of the story and then link the new writing back up with what I wrote way back when. The thing is, the more I add to the story the less likely it looks like the original scenes will be able to merge with the updated timeline. It's just not going to work. I can see the main female character changing as I write it. She's growing in ways she wasn't able to in the shortened timeline I wrote originally. This is a good thing because the entire reason I decided to add narrative was to make her growth more realistic. Yet, now the growth she's experiencing makes her later actions out of character.

What a conundrum!

I think I'm going to cut the entire end of the book and just let this new story unfurl. Of course that'll mean that EWM#2 will have to be completely rewritten as well. *face palm* Still, it's better for the book and for the characters that it plays out this new way. I can handle some hardcore rewriting. Or just, writing.

Anyway. I have a lot of bookish stuff to post. You know, since I haven't been good at updating recently.
Book #294 - Earl of Darkness (Heirs of Kilronan Trilogy #1) by Lix Rickloff - Decent enough but the ending was so abrupt that I kept looking around waiting for the next bit of action.
Book #295 - Amaury's Hellion (Scanguards Vampires #2) by Tina Folsom - Tina Folsom can write some steamy vampire sex. For serious.
Book #296 - Warrior (Blades of the Rose #1) by Zoe Archer - I loved the way the author brought the landscape of Mongolia to life here. It was so vivid and bright.
Book #297 - Awaken Me Darkly (Alien Huntress #1) by Gena Showalter - Not the best book I've read by this author, but still entertaining. As a plus, there's great setup for the later books in this series.
Book #298 - Sons of Apollyon by G.A. Colin - Bloody, gory fun. With vampires! Sweet!
Teaser Tuesday (07/26/11) - Warriors, monsters and vampires. Lovely.
Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday (07/29/11) - Books I'm looking forward to, t-shirt slogans that represent me and one sexy, sexy back.
In My Mailbox (07/31/11) - A lot of fabulous free books!

Dude. How the hell is it almost August? I honestly didn't realize it until I typed the date in that last link. Whoa. Just, whoa.

Alright. I vow to be a better blogger and post more than once a week. Also, I might be relocating to Dreamwidth and crossposting those posts over to here. I don't know. I'm very torn about giving up on LJ as my main blogging place. I've been here for quite a while, you know. Quite.A.While.

I'm done.