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Heroes-Red umbrella in the rain

Why can't we go somewhere fancy?

I seem to be losing days here. I mean... what? Where did today go? And yesterday? Well, yesterday was weird what with the torrential rain and all so that explains that. But today? No clue.

Btw, the rain yesterday... wtf? Isn't it the end of June? Where is this weather coming from? Seriously, it was raining so hard on my way home from work that I couldn't see the lines on the road. Which is not as fun as you might imagine. You know, what with the terrifying other cars all around you. Yeah.

Anyway. Books.
Book #257 - The Admiral (Fantasies of New Europa #2) by Morgan Karpiel - And even more sexy steampunk! I am loving this series. It's ridiculously fun.
Book #258 - Killing Perfection by Heather L. Anderson - I had a tough time with the beginning of this one but it really picked up at the end. Enough so that I want to know if book 2 ties up all the threads that were left lying around.
Teaser Tuesday (06/28/11) - Angels and mermaids. I've read both of these books at this point but I can't get into my Blogger dashboard to write up the reviews. Sadness.

Well, there you have it. I've done nothing over the last two days except watch the rain.