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Get to the chopper!

Holy Hannah! The next time I get it in my head to bitch about how slow it is at work I want someone to remind me of today. Okay? Because today was busy. Busy, busy, busy. My boss has been was sick yesterday and today, which left me alone in the office. Not a big deal, really, except that I opened up our after hours check drop (which no one had been in since Saturday when I cleaned it out) and I had an avalanche of checks vomit out at me. I was like O.O and then I picked up the checks, put them in a nice little pile and attempted to forget about them. At least until the boss lady called a little later and asked me to post them to the accounts. Whoa. I'm just not used to working that hard, guys. I mean, I had to multitask and everything.

I'm scared. Hold me.

Anyway. I still managed to read a book. Of course.
Book #227 - Dating Mr. December by Phillipa Ashley - This was a freebie from Amazon that I downloaded before work this morning. I read it quickly but I had some issues with it. Just a few, though.
More free ebooks ... Moira Rogers, Laurie London and Julie Kagawa - A few free novellas that have popped up on my fun meter recently.

Cole and I are watching the first Predator. Or at least I am. Cole looks like he's passed out on the bed. Nice. Anyway. Predator!FTW!

I'm done now.

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Alex has been saying that a lot lately.."get to the chopper", but it's more a play on the play on Fairly Odd-Parents. Does check vomit come off?

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