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Stock-Quote-Fear and spiders

Under them skies of blue ...

My the power of Grayskull! What in the hell are the kids fighting about now? Seriously! I can't figure it out. They're just annoying each other by looking at one another. I can't handle it. It disturbs me even more when I think that this is only the beginning of summer for them. Arrgh!

And in other, completely unrelated news, Hailey really needs to go to bed now. Really.

Cole had his last flag football game of the season. It was cold and windy and the sky was gorgeous. I took a picture of it...
The sky, she is cloudy.

Cole ran in a touchdown, which is cool. Meanwhile, I'm thrilled that the season is over.

And here's some stuff of a bookish nature...
Book #224 - Accidental Abduction by Eve Langlais - This book was steamy and fun with the added bonus of a big, purple space pirate. It's sexier than it sounds. I swear.
Book #225 - Biting the Bride by Clare Willis - My biggest issue with this book stems from the fact that the synopsis doesn't match up AT ALL with the actual plot. What's that about?
Book #226 - Grave Illusions (Jess Vandermire #1) by Lina Gardiner - Once I got through the first 25% of the book I liked it. However, that beginning was like a slow ride to nowhere.
In My Mailbox - My TBR pile went down this week! I am so excited that I'm almost speechless. Almost.

I think I would cheerfully kill someone for an oatmeal raisin cookie right this moment. A nice soft one with undertones of cinnamon. Yuuuummmmmmmmm.
Okay. I'm done.

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Yes. I caved on the blueberries in a bagel, but I won't let you talk me out of raisins in a cookie.

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