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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

Are you alright?

I am exhausted today. Seriously, I could crawl into bed right now and sleep for a couple of hours. I didn't even stay up that late last night. Okay, I did stay up late, but I usually do. This shouldn't have caused me to be dragging ass today. It sucks. I don't like being all fuzzy headed all day long.

Anyway. Last night I was hanging out with malkovich03. I dragged her out to a book signing in Menlo Park for Melissa Marr, author of the fabulous Wicked Lovely series and the fabulously creepy Graveminder. Lisa Desrochers, author of Personal Demons and the upcoming Original Sin, showed up. I met Lisa a month or so ago at the Cassie Clare/Holly Black signing. She's so fun and down to earth. She just sat there and chatted with me as she waited her turn to get her books signed. Gotta love that.

Mal and I wandered over to the pub next to the bookstore afterward and had food and libation. Crab cakes and french fries, baby! Champagne for her and a big-ass cider for me. I love when the waitress brings the bottle of cider to the table and it's absolutely HUGE and I'm all... O.o ....YES! Dinner conversation ranged from talking about ADD to screaming orgasms. Yes, you read that correctly. I think the two old guys at the table next to us were lovin' the conversational bent last night.

Who wouldn't?!?!

The point in all this is that I got home after 11 and didn't bother to jump online and get my journal on.

Okay. Book stuff...
Book #223 - The Highlander's Touch (Highlander #3) by Karen Marie Moning - Highlanders! I really do think that says it all.
Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday & Tagalong Friday - Favorite posts, the Zombie Apocalypse and where I buy books. Now with a sexy mostly-naked man. For a real treat, click on the picture and see him in his full sized glory! Delicious.

I'm still tired. Only 2 1/2 more hours to go! Yay.