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SGA-Sheppard-Looking badass!

I still remember the first time I saw it ...

Hailey, Cole and I are watching The Walking Dead again. Or at least the first episode. I freely admit that this series is well worth watching more than once. The fact that there are only six episodes total means that you can zip through the entire season very quickly.

So. Today at Cole's football game it started raining on us. I was like, "I can't have my Kindle out in the rain!" Which goes to show you what I do at my son's football games. So I sat in my car and watched the game from the parking lot.

I'm kinda the worse mom ever, aren't I?

Anyway. Books.
Book #195 - Hell by Randy Noble - And reason #1,263 why you shouldn't hitchhike and/or take rides from strangers.
Book #196 - Ecstasy by Bella Andre - Where I get to mention that the word "vagina" is not my favorite word for girl parts in erotica.
In My Mailbox - 19 books for six cents. I think I did pretty good this week.

Okay. We've switched over to season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. Have I ever mentioned that I'm kinda in love with Ronon? Jason Momoa is so damn big. And pretty. And his smile is just disarmingly melting. I think this means I'm going to be seeing Conan when it hits the theaters. Hello, sexy muscles!

On that note...