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Psych-Gus is stealth

It's nothing I can't handle...

I'm attempting to condense down some of the random sites I have here and there around the web. I deleted my fanfic journal this morning. Mostly because I haven't updated it in over a year and I have big plans for being published in the future. That might not make sense but if I ever decide to share all my random writings with the internet again I'll probably go all out and do it on my own domain. I also have plans to delete my graphics journal, mostly because I really don't see myself making icons or wallpapers or anything like that in the near future. So, yeah. That'll go away soon. I think jenah and I need to decide if we're going to do anything with blabapalooza or just let it fade away. I don't really care one way or another, I just know that I haven't been watching many movies lately and thus have nothing to review.

Oh, and yesterday I mentioned that I'd written about 450 words on my Zompocalypse story. I cranked out another 150 words last night after I wrote up that post, so I ended up at 600+ words. Nice. Not fantastic, but definitely nice.

And for books...
Book #181 - Turned at Dark (Shadow Falls #0.5) by CC Hunter - An interesting introduction to a new series. I liked it.
Book #182 - Fallen from Grace (Dark Passages Prequel) by MJ Putney - Not quite as tight as I would have hoped for a new-to-me series but it tickled my fancy and left me with a lot of questions.
Book #183 - Voice of the Blood (Voice of the Blood #1) by Jemiah Jefferson - I liked some things about this book and then there were other things that I wasn't as in love with.
Book #184 - The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton - Oh wow. I loved how we were given three different storylines from three different times and we slowly begin to unravel the mystery of what happened so many years before and how it ties in with the present.