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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

Herein lies the wicked truth ...

Well, it looks like I have good news on the computer front. I'm not quite holding my breath yet but so far whatever virus I picked up Friday night seems to have been contained. On the plus side, my computer is running so so so much faster now. Which makes me wonder how long that virus was noodling around before I caught it.

The thing that bothers me about this whole situation is that I'm not lax on my internet/computer security. I have firewalls and 3 different virus/anti-spyware sweeps that I run every week. Two of them run twice a week each. That's 5 separate scans I run. Every week. Yet the one that picked up the issue wasn't either of the two I pay a subscription to. How is that right? Why am I paying money for a service that isn't catching the things it's supposed to catch?

Not that I'm going to get rid of any of the paid ones or anything. Not after having the pants scared off of me so recently. I'm just... confused. The free software is doing a better job than the ones I pay for. The world is a crazy, crazy place.

Okay. Enough computer talk.

Cole had a flag football game today. He had two awesome interceptions, one of which he ran in for a touchdown. Yay! My kid is kinda cool. Which reminds me that I took him to get his whooping cough vaccination on Friday (do all incoming 7th graders need to show proof of vaccination or is it just in California?) and now his poor arm is all swollen with some sort of reaction. I'm watching it to make sure it doesn't get any worse and so far it looks like a typical vaccination reaction (my kid is dramatical in situations like this). Poor guy. He already hates getting shots and now he has to deal with a sore, swollen arm. On the plus side, I seriously doubt he'll ever be one of those rebels who gets tattoos and piercings because of the whole needle issue. Unlike his mom, might I add. Because I've had piercings in the past (belly button), I'm thinking of getting a piercing now (eyebrow and possibly more) and I have tattoos. If I ever get into tip-top shape I'll treat myself to another tattoo, too.

In some ways my kid is exactly like me and in others we are polar opposites.

Okay. Book stuff.
Book #172 - Predators of Darkness (Darkness #1) by Leonard D. Hilley II - An interesting take on shifters, I just had some minor issues with the willful blindness of some of the things that took place.
Book #173 - One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress #2) by Jeaniene Frost - This book was GOOOOOOD. Sexy, fast-paced and well-written. Lovely. Just lovely.
Book #174 - Danann Frost Falls From Grace by Joanne Valiukas - This is one of those books that I'm totally torn on. I like some things and I loathed others.
In My Mailbox - An itty-bitty mailbox this week. One book. One. It looks so lonely sitting there. :(

Okay. I'm done. More or less.