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Calvin-Crap! I'm caught in a spider web!

Can't you see all that stuff around you?

I've had a crazy insane bizarre night and early morning.

My computer picked up a virus last night which led to me freaking out, doing something stupid and spending hours afterward working on fixing it. Seriously, being without a computer is just about the weirdest thing ever. Normally I'd Google the crap out of the pop-ups I was getting to figure out what's going on. Without a computer and internet access I CAN'T GOOGLE ANYTHING. It was terrible, horrible, awful. I almost cried. Not really. But I was reaching maximum entropy by the time I got everything straightened out.

I do wish I was a little more computer savvy. I can do all the basic stuff and I can usually figure out what I need to do to fix the little things but when it comes to major troubleshooting I start worrying that I'm going to shut down something critical and be stuck with a dead carcass of a computer and no way to resurrect it from the great beyond.

Anyway. I ended up running 3 different anti-virus/anti-spyware programs over the course of my "fixing" and one of them looks like it caught the problem and blasted that motherfucker into oblivion. I hope. Of course, I might be totally wrong and I'm going to get home tonight to a fried computer and a lot of weeping.

In other much happier news: Today Ryan turns ONE! Yay for the little booger! I'm missing his party due to work but I've been assured that the family will make sure some of the delicious food is put aside for me. THEY BETTER BE TELLING ME THE TRUTH! It won't be pretty if they're lying.

Now onto the bookish stuff:
Book #170 - Past Midnight (Past Midnight #1) by Mara Purnhagen - It's amazing how much more sense a series makes when you start with book #1. Seriously.
Book #171 - Laid Bare (Brown Siblings 31) by Lauren Dane - This book is smoking hot. SMOKING! Plus, I got a really nice twitter message form Lauren Dane thanking me for my review. AWESOME!

It's been so busy at work today that I haven't had time to even pull my book out of my bag. Can you believe that? I bitch about it when it's slow but I think I much prefer that lazy pace to people coming in to talk to me. Arrgh!

My one goal today is to write up the review on the book I finished on Monday. I can't believe I've let it sit so long without writing it yet. I feel like I'm failing at something here. Something huge and epic and other really big stuff. But not really. Because, you know, as much as I love writing up reviews and being all recommendation-y with books I love, I can't take myself too seriously or my brain will hurt. So yeah. I have this book sitting here waiting for me to review it. It's cool.

Okay. Time to get back to work.

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I cannot believe he's one already. WOW Some day we're going to have to visit again *cough*
How did it go with the computer after you got home?

The computer's actually running way better than it did which makes me wonder how long that virus had been hanging around mucking things up.
Yep, Ryan's 1. He's totally adorkable. Heather and Hailey spiked his hair into a mohawk for the party. It was so cute.

WOOT for your song choice :D Placebo is my absolute favorite!

Placebo pretty much rocks my socks off! Love them!

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