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SGA-Looking Upwards

Coffee, please!

Sore throat still lingering. Too tired to use complete sentences. Just finished City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare and can't fathom the hateful reviews it's garnering. Loved it. Want to marry it. Might be pregnant with it's love child. Lack of proper sentence structure means I won't be reviewing it until tomorrow.

Cole finished The Hunger Games. Has now started Catching Fire. Did not prompt him to read this, he chose it himself. Am proud.

Feel like I'm writing a telegram. stop. Making me laugh. stop. Laughing hurts. stop.

I have one small bookish thing...
Teaser Tuesday - Shadowhunters (love!), predatory beasts, unexpected wiccans and unruly beasties! It's gonna be a good reading week. I can tell.

I'm done.
I'll attempt to make coherent sentences tomorrow. Don't hold your breath.