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SCC-Cameron-Blast doors

I'm none too sure where this is going...

About an hour ago my throat started mildly hurting. Since then it's morphed into feeling like I've been swallowing ground glass by the cupful. Ouch. Seriously? Where the hell did this come from and can I get my money back?

In news of the boy-ish kind: I mentioned yesterday that I had shoved The Hunger Games at him in an attempt to get him reading and the darling boy proposed a reading cage match against me today. He had about 175 pages left in his book and I had 250 or so in mine. Whoever finished their book and wrote up the review/book report first was the supreme ruler of all things.

Guess who won?

YES, IT WAS ME! Because I read freakishly fast. I know I shouldn't feel good about beating my kid but it turns out I'm fiercely competitive about my reading skills. WHO KNEW?!?!

Since I'm already talking books...
Book #155 - Something Secret This Way Comes (Secret McQueen #1) by Sierra Dean - A really fabulous debut book that BLEW ME AWAY. I completely didn't see the end coming and I'm still sitting here going "but how will she get out of this pickle?" I'm saying it in a concerned voice too. Can you imagine my furrowed brow? My eyes tearing up in concern? Outstanding.
Book #156 - Leviathan (Leviathan #1) by Scott Westerfeld - Honestly, I loved the worldbuilding in this so much that I could have overlooked a lot of flaws. The upside to that being that there weren't a whole lot of flaws in the book at all.

Throat still hurting.

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Well he read! And wanted to! Competitive or not I call it a win

Lol! That's what I keep telling myself!

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