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I'll break away for something more ...

I seriously had every intention of journaling last night but... and I am not kidding about this IN THE LEAST...I was reading this absolutely HORRIBLE book and I was afraid that if I put it down I'd never pick it up again and then I'd spend way too much time dwelling on The Book I Couldn't Finish. And, honestly, this is one book that I don't want to linger in my brain.

So. Yeah. I finished that monstrosity of a book and now I just have to write up the review so I can purge all memory of it from my mind and move on with my life.

In other news... Umm. Give me a second, I'm thinking. Oh, I'm having my hair done next Wednesday and I think I'm going to go with a cherry red/black combo. It might not be Cherry Red, exactly, but I want it to be bright and bold. I was going between red/black or hot pink/black but malkovich03 talked me into the red/black. This time. Soon I'm going to be a rainbow haired punk who works in a leasing office and reads a lot of books. IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Speaking of Mal, she's heading out for a week of revelry in Vegas and New York. My favorite part about her going to Vegas was that she was all peeved that the Lazy River at the hotel she's staying at is only open on the weekends and she wasn't getting in until late Sunday night. You wanna know what she did? She changed her flight so that she could arrive in the morning JUST SO SHE COULD FLOAT DOWN THE LAZY RIVER. Do you guys see why I think she's so awesome? She changed her flight for a RIVER!

My BFF rocks!

Hmm. I should probably get onto the book portion of this post since I'm doing this at work and conceivably I should do some work at some point. I guess.
Book #150 - The Girl in the Steel Corset (The Steampunk Chronicles #1) by Kady Cross - Gorgeous steampunk setting with fun and fabulous characters. I was very excited when the author told me that the character I adored will have an entire book revolve around him in the future. SWEET!

So, with that book I've hit the year end reading goal that I set at the beginning of the year. After doing some mathematical gymnastics (not really, I'm pretty decent at math), I upped my year end goal to 450 books. I think I can do that. In theory. I might be way overestimating my ability to keep up this pace though, so we'll see.

Now I'm off to write up the reviews for the 3 books I read yesterday.

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did i really have a choice? when a lazy river is on the table, you must take it. plus i got $100 in cabana credit, so i'll be floatin' down the lazy river in style with a nice white wine in my hand. classy.

next time you should come with... i think you would enjoy yourself :-)

Wow. I am so late returning comments. Sorry.
Lazy River!

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