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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

What they are, we don't know.

Oh, I had a fabulous time at the book signing last night. Cassandra Clare and Holly Black were an absolute hoot together. I think a large part of it stems from the fact that they're friends in real life and not just two authors who happen to be touring together to promote their books. They were riffing off each other and they are just really fantastic women who put on a great Q&A.

I also happened to spy author Lisa Desrochers (author of Personal Demons) hanging out on the periphery (she was there to meet the ladies, not as part of the signing) and she ended up sitting next to me. I got to talk to her one-on-one about her books, her contract, the sexy teasers she's been leaking for her upcoming book and just writing stuff in general. It was one of the coolest and most unexpected things to have happen and I absolutely loved it. I did manage to wrangle a picture with her...

malkovich03 took the picture and she snapped it just as Holly Black was passing behind us. So although I don't have pictures of CC and HB during the actual signing (there were probably between 200 and 300 people there so they didn't have time to chat excessively or pose for pictures), I do have that action shot of Holly Black scooting past us.

As a random aside, I kept getting compliments on my fingerless gloves yesterday. The girl at Peet's Coffee was almost drooling over them and Cassandra Clare told me she really, really liked them. Fingerless gloves WIN!

On top of all that, I met a lovely blogger who lives in the Stanford area and Mal and I got to giggle over the massive amount of teen angst floating through the room. I was also recognized by the lady who organizes the event since she had just seen me on Sunday for the Kelley Armstrong signing.


Final count for the books I got signed last night:
Holly Black: 10 total (5 from the Spiderwick series, 3 from The Modern Faerie Tales series and 2 from the Curse Workers series)
Cassandra Clare: 5 total (3 from the original Mortal Intstruments series, 1 from the 2nd Mortal Instruments cycle and 1 from The Infernal Devices series)

So, yeah. I'm happy with what I came home with.

I also managed to get a few reviews written. Which is nice because now I feel REALLY accomplished.
Book #144 - A Lady Never Tells (Willowmere #1) by Candace Camp - A totally engrossing historical that happens to be a free read at Pocket After Dark until April 30th.
Book #145 - Catch of a Lifetime (Tritone Trilogy #3) by Judi Fennell - Cute, but ultimately not really my type of book.
Book #146 - Venice Vampyr (Venice Vampyr #1) by Tina Folsom - I liked this one, but I was expecting a lot more from it.
Book #147 - Trey (Red, Hot & Blue #1) by Cat Johnson - Look! A contemporary romance I LIKED!

Okay. I've gone on and on and on here. I guess I can stop babbling now.