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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

Not with a bang ...

I have a horrid headache at the moment so we'll see how coherent this post ends up being.

I mentioned in my last post that I was dragging malkovich03 out to a book signing to meet Kelley Armstrong. We did that on Sunday and I had such a good time. The signing was really small. I think there were 10 people there total but I got all 15 of my books signed and I got to chat with Kelley. After, Mal and I went out to dinner and I ate TWO desserts instead of a real meal. It was awesome. It's also something I wouldn't do if Cole had been with me because I know that every time we went out to eat after that he'd want dessert only. So, yeah. I was a totally irresponsible adult and ate two desserts when my kid wasn't around.

Yesterday, Cole had a bad sore throat so I let him stay home from school. I did drag him out to the Borders in San Jose that was closing only to find out that it's already closed. How sad. No deeply discounted books for me. Cole and I lounged around at Starbucks for a bit before heading back home. I slept. I thought about writing up some reviews. I decided to be a slug and do nothing.

Oh, Cole was watching Cloverfield while I was napping and I kept waking up to hear panicked screams coming from the TV. HILARIOUS!

Tonight, malkovich03 and I are going to another book signing. This one is for Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. I'm pretty excited for but at the same time I think there are going to be a lot more people than at the last one. I'm not so much looking forward to that part. Still, I get to hang with Mal and get my books signed. Yay!

As far as book stuff goes, I have 3 reviews I can write today at work and another that I need to set up the template for before I can write it. I am seriously lagging on keeping up with those reviews.
But I do have some other booskish stuff to share...
Book Blogger Hop (Non-weekend edition!) - Once again, I manage to squeeze in that hot picture of Jason Behr and his muscular biceps. Also, there might be a picture or two of me looking aggressive as Kelley Armstrong signs my books. Ha!
Teaser Tuesday (04/12/11) - Steampunk, Steampunk and my newest lovely signed book!

Okay. This is mostly coherent. I think. I do apologize for any raging typos but my fingers are cold and my head is still paining me. Also, this computer doesn't automtically check my spelling for me as I type. What's that about?
Time for me to do some work. (not really, I'm going to write up a review or two and read if my head stops hurting)