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Coming in off the ocean ...

I'm watching the original version of The Fog which is weird because I usually have the urge to watch it on foggy mornings. And this is most definitely neither foggy nor morning. So, yeah. Adrienne Barbeau and a very young Jamie Curtis. Classic, babies. Absolutely classic. (don't tell anyone but I might watch the remake version after this)


This movie is awesome.

Okay. Books.
Book #141 - Raising the Dead (Past Midnight #1.5) by Mara Purnhagen - A short story that segued nicely into book 2.
Book #142 - Chill Factor (Weather Warden #3) by Rachel Caine - The Weather Warden heads to Vegas to battle an over-amped kid.
Book Blogger Hop, Follow Friday & Tagalong Friday (04/08/11) - Do I judge a book by its cover? Yep. Especially if I get a hot man-flesh cover. Delicious.

How in the name of Pete can I be tired at 8 pm after taking a 3 hour nap today? HOW? That's just wrong.

I'm going to go finish watching the dynamic duo of Barbeau and Curtis.