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I was all set to journal this morning and LJ decided to thumb its nose at me and refuse to load. *shakes fist* So, yeah. IT'S TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT THIS TIME. I mean, last night's non-journal is my fault but... oh, never mind.

I had a gloriously decadent day today doing nothing. I realized I was behind on writing up reviews on the books I read over the weekend (behind by FIVE books, thankyouverymuch) so I resigned myself to getting that done. And I did. Mostly. Four of them are done. I ran out of steam on that last one. I might do it later. I might wait until tomorrow. We'll see how the wind blows.

But other than review writing I was a lazy, lazy girl. I lounged. I spent some time listening to the birds chirping away outside. I thought about some of the changes I want to make to my epic werewolf masterpiece. I napped. I read. It was AWESOME!

So. Books. Lots and lots of books.
Book #132 - Skeleton Crew (The Underworld Cycle #2) by Cameron Haley - Fun, but I think it would have made more sense if I had read book 1 first.
Book #133 - Immortal (Clare Point #3) by V.K. Forrest - Another one that I came into mid-series. It makes it hard when you don't know some of the basics of the mythology.
Book #134 - The Abandoned (The Graveyard Queen #0.5) by Amanda Stevens - I really, really liked this one. It left me impatiently waiting to get into book 1 (which I'm reading now) and it was just the creepy sort of fun that I enjoy.
Book #135 - Handcuffs and Leather (Rawlings Men #1) by Kim Dare - My first time reading a non-paranormal m/m romance. I liked it far more than I thought I would. Because, you know, I'm not all that keen on non-paranormal contemporary books usually.

Pretty good for a totally lazy day, huh?

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I started with book 3 by Forrest too, it's the only one my boss had for R&R'ing, and I would love to read the previous 2. I just can't find them in e-book form anywhere.

It wasn't terrible or anything, it's just hard when you don't have a firm grasp on the mythology. As I'm sure you know.

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