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FF-Quote-The book of my life

After all the obstacles ...

The wee beastly boy (who's getting less wee every time I stand next to hm) spent the day with his dad. Do you want to know what I did while he was gone? I watched movies with Hailey. We started with Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, moved onto Hotel for Dogs, and ended with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Admittedly, I slept through a lot of all three of them but they were on while I was in the room so that must count for something.

Other than that, I did nothing today. Well, I might have read a book or two.
Book #122 - The Vampire's Bride (Atlantis #4) by Gena Showalter - Vampires and Amazon warriors make for an explosive combination.
Book #123 - The Amazon's Curse (Atlantis #5) by Gena Showalter - I liked that the series was tied up but I really wished this had been a full length novel.
In My Mailbox (03/27/11) - Short and sweet this week. I was good and didn't go hog wild with the amazon buying. Yay, me!

I have two more reviews written up which will be posted tomorrow and half of a third. Those 3 books put me at 126 for the year. I was trying really, really hard to hit 130 by the end of this month. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do that. Pretty sure.

Okay. I have to cart the kid off to bed. He always falls asleep in my room. I don't know why, I just know he does it almost every night.

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Hey new friend:)

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory is my MOVIE. Or... was as a child. I love the old version of it.

I've never heard of either of those books. Have you ever read Middlesex? I just finished it and it's possibly a new favorite.

Lol! We were watching the new version with Johnny Depp. His hair freaks me out but the movie's very pretty. Then again, Gene Wilder's hair freaked me out in the old one so... yeah.

True, he is very strange in that movie. But ya gotta love him. Or at least, I sure do.
My favorite line is when he says "Everything in this room is eatable, even *I'm* eatable! But that is called "cannibalism," my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies. "

that comment was from me, by the way. I didn't realize that I hadn't signed in.

No worries. Honestly, that's my favorite part in the movie, too. His delivery cracks me up.

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