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Lost-The van that saves us all!

I'm looking toward the future now ...

It was incredibly slow today at work. It was raining just enough that nobody wanted to go out. I did get a few calls but since we don't have any vacant apartments right now those were easily taken care of.

Just to paint the scene for you because I'm not sure you guys understand how slow it is on slow days: I worked a 7 hour shift and I saw a grand total of *maybe* 5 people. One of the groundskeepers pops in occasionally to make sure I'm still alive and kicking but other than that, it was a handful of tenants and about 10 phone calls.

Needless to say, I had plenty of time to read today.
Book #120 - The Nymph King (Atlantis #3) by Gena Showalter - Say what you will, I like this series. It's fast paced and it makes me smile. I think that says it all.
Book #121 - Cinderella: Ninja Warrior (Twisted Tales #1) by Maureen McGowan - Dudes. Cinderella is a nice girl who can fight like a ninja. What's not to like about that visual?
On My Wishlist (week 26) - This week we're taking a look at the Taboo Wishes series by Brynn Paulin. Maybe I should mention that the covers are a little naughty. :)

I've also written up the reviews for the two other books I read today but I'm holding off until tomorrow to post them so I don't overwhelm everybody's Google Reader. I'm so sweet.

Okay. I'm off to give my dogs belly rubs.