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Stock-Winter-Blue and beautiful

This is an interesting development ...

It turned cold all of a sudden. Seriously, we suddenly have snow on the hills behind my house. Umm... okay. So I was getting ready to take the dogs out for their last walk of the evening. This is the outfit I ended up with- I was wearing my usual nighttime sleep outfit which consists of sweatpants and a tank top (if I'm honest, I wear this outfit during more than just nighttime). To this I added my detachable hood which was securely wrapped around my chin and neck, my sweatshirt, slipper socks, slippers, and long coat. Cole takes one look at me and starts laughing.
He's like, "Mom, you look like an assassin!"
Me, "Cooool!"
Cole, "You know I don't think it's that cold out. I could go out in my boxers"
Me, "You totally couldn't walk the dogs in your boxers."
Cole, "I could."
Me, coming back in after my outside jaunt, "My fingers are frozen. Here, feel them!"
Cole, "Arrrgh! Don't touch me! Your hands are like ice cubes."
Me, "Told you it was cold."


Anyway. Book stuff:
Book #110 - Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2) by Patricia Briggs - Musing on what makes this series work.
Book #111 - Treasured by Crystal Jordan - My shameful obsession with pirates is finally exposed.

I have read a shitload of books already this year. At this pace I'll easily read 400. Whoa. Just, whoa. Of course, the fact that I have over 200 unread books between my book shelves and my Kindle means that I'll be rocking the new reads this year.

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assassins wear pajamas in cole's world? sleepovers must be very troubling times...

No fooling! Imagine what ninjas wear!

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