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My kiddo has an unhappy tummy. He stayed home from school yesterday and he was sent home today. Poor guy. He told me, in this pathetic little voice, "Mom, we don't have any soup." Awww. I'm sorry, wee beastie! If I had know you weren't going to be feeling well I would have stocked up on soup and crackers. *pats him on the head*

Today's commute sucked ASS. Seriously. It took me forever to get to work this morning and forever to get home this afternoon. Meanwhile, when I left, my BRAND NEW computer was being set up. For those of you that haven't been following my moaning and wailing on Twitter, I've been without a computer at work since last Thursday. I literally have nothing to do without a computer except answer phones and make copies. It made for a very long Saturday. The only silver lining is that I can read a shitload of books without the distraction of the internet at work. Awesome, yet I'll still be mighty pleased to have my computer back.

The downside of all this is that we lost our entire database of tenants. Yikes. Over the next few weeks we're going to have to re-input all the tenant information. It'll be like 260 apartments are being newly rented all at once.

Yes, I might go insane at some point.

And on that note... Books!
Book #108 - Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs - There was a lot of stuff I liked about this book and I'm completely looking forward to reading the others in the series.
Teaser Tuesday (03/15/11) - Steampunkery on the high seas, mystery & mayhem, and a shapeshifting car mechanic.

I'm nearly done with The Iron Duke and I'm pretty much loving it.

Alright. I have to wake the boy enough to whisk him off to his own bed. Poor guy.

PS: I've finished Supernatural season 1 and I'm a couple of episodes into season 2. I forgot how much I liked these early episodes.