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TW-Gwen-Tough day

This was done right!

I had a bunch of stuff I needed to do today. Laundry. Go to Target for the things I forgot to buy yesterday. Finish the embarrassing book I was reading. Write up a few reviews.

Well, I did the laundry. Like, 5 loads of it. Maybe it was only 4. Then I read for a bit. Than I had to take a nap becasue I was sleeeeeeepy. I finished the embarrassing book and wrote up the reviews. I never made it to Target but whatever. I can go tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm fairly certain the world won't end if I put it off a few days. I think.

Oh, hey. I thought I didn't do anything today but it turns out that I was totally productive. Totally.

So. Books.
Book #98 - Dances With Wolves (Highland Wolves) by Mandy Monroe - malkovich03 gets a shout out in this review because she's never invited me to an orgy. True story. Also, I've never invited her to one.
Book #99 - Alien Penetration (Alien Breeders #1) by Kaitlyn O'Connor - This book was surprisingly light on the penetration part of the story. I was disappointed.
In My Mailbox (03/06/11) - Free books, review books, and books I didn't mean to buy but couldn't resist.
Teaser Tuesday (03/08/11) - A little early, but ... alternate realities, spirits, and dark fae.

My next book will be #100. Whoa. I think I'm on track to hit my 150 book goal for the year. Yeah? Yeah.

I'm done now.

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yea, remember bogdan asked me one time why we never made out if we were such good friends?

Hahahaha! I do remember that. Maybe you should have invited me over. You know, so I wouldn't have been able to write that review about how we'd never orgy-ed together. WORD!

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