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DW-Books-Arm yourself!

Whatever you do, do NOT let go!

I've been battling a sore throat all day. It feels like I'm swallowing glass. I don't enjoy it. AT ALL.

Therefore, I'm going to keep this short.

Book #95 - The Cajun's Captive (Stormy Weather #1) by Selena Blake - Hot Alpha werewolf action in the bayous of Louisiana! However, it was surprisingly light on the captive part of the story. Disappointed!
Book #96 - Bitten in the Bayou (Stormy Weather #2) by Selena Blake - Hot threesome werewolf action. No, wait. Hot threesome CAJUN werewolf action! How can you go wrong?!?!
Book #97 - Crusade (Crusade #1) by Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguie - I had to force myself through this one. It was kinda all over the place.
On My Wishlist (week 24) - 2 of the books on this list I bought today and reviewed already. I am awesome!

Time for me to find a way to beat my sore throat into submission before heading to bed.