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It's hardly easy to say ...

Cole has a couple of friends spending the night tonight. It's kinda nice because they more or less take care of themselves. I feed them dinner and release them back into the wild. Don't worry they've all been properly tagged. Plus, I've heard that if you feed them once they keep coming around for more.

The really funny thing is that although I'm ensconced up here in my room and they're downstairs, I can hear them through the floor when they start to get too rowdy. I pop down and tell them to zip it and they look at me like I have superpowers. Which I obviously do.

I have to work tomorrow. Which means I better stock up on books to take with me. Lol! I love how I get paid to read on Saturdays!

Okay. Book stuff!
Book #93 - Moonlight Warrior (Midnight Bay #1) by Janet Chapman - This is the type of book that's totally fluff reading. Basically it's perfect for a lazy afternoon when you just want to kick back and relax. As an aside, it's a free read over at Pocket After Dark until 03/14. Free is good!
Book #94 - The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks - This is one I thought I'd like a whole lot more than I did. Ultimately it was the lack of four-legged werewolves that did me in. I want werewolves in my werewolf books. I'm just sayin'.

I wrote up two more reviews tonight but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post them. Just so I don't scare away my new followers with the crazy amount of books I read. It's like I'm lulling them in to a false sense of security. Oh, they'll think, she only posts one or two times a day. How nice! Then I'll pounce on them with my 15 post days and they'll be all ... HOLY CRAP! SHE READS TOO MUCH! And I'll be all... Damn straight, I do!

FYI, I've never posted more than 5 posts in one day over there. I think. No, I'm pretty sure. Maybe I'm wrong.

On that note, I'm done now.