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Obtainer of rare smurftiquities ...

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SPN-Boys going gravedigging

We go wandering by ...

My dog likes to burrow under blankets when she's sleeping. Actually, both dogs do. It's cute until I go to climb into bed and I find that one of the girls has burrowed into my spot under the covers and now it's covered in dog hair. They have a bundle of blankets on top of the bed for just this purpose. Why are they trying to take over my sleeping spot?

Okay. I'm sleepy tonight so I'm going to move right along to the book portion of the evening.
Book #92 - Peeps (Peeps #1) by Scott Westerfeld - OMG! I started talking about realistic scary movies during this review and really went off on a tangent. Go, me!
Random Acts of Senseless Kindness by Graham Parke - Not a review, just an excerpt and link to the free ebook. In fact, I haven't read my copy of this book yet. Oops.

See? Now I'm done.