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It turns to grey ...

I've spent the bulk of the afternoon/evening heavily editing a couple of scenes in my original epic werewolf masterpiece. I had a total light bulb moment last night and decided that the changes had to be made. So I made them. I also smoothed out one part of the story that kept bugging me. I like it much, much better with these changes. It has flow now, babies. Flow.

The downside of this is that I didn't read a single thing today. The upside? I'm editing my epic werewolf masterpiece. Which means that not only do I get to re-read it and fall in love with my characters all over again, but I think it'll help me finish story #2 (the NaNo masterpiece) which is still sitting at 50K words. You know, because I'll be able to get under the skin of my characters again and see where they're heading.

With the editing, I've added a couple hundred words overall, but at the same time I cut out a couple of big sections. I'm coming in ahead of my original wordcount, but I'm not sure exactly what I've done since I didn't check my wordcount standings before I started deleting and adding scenes. *sad face* I was all ready to feel like I'd accomplished something and now I don't even have the hard data to back it up. Boo.

Despite all that, I did manage to write up the review I didn't write yesterday.
Book #89 - The Pursuit of Pleasure by Elizabeth Essex - Ultimately it was a fun little historical, it just took me a while to get past one teeny, tiny little thing that happened. Okay, it wasn't tiny. It was epic. But the book was still good.
In My Mailbox (02/27/11) - I am putting myself on a serious book-buying ban. Not because I don't want to spend the money but because I have way too many books sitting here that I need to read. So, there.

Okay. I'm off to do things. Important things. Like edit my epic werewolf masterpiece. Boo-yah!