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SW Lego-The gangs all here!

Will you defeat them?

I have to go pick up my mom from the airport in about an hour. Good thing I'm not one of those people who goes to bed early. And, you know, good thing I took that 2 1/2 hour nap earlier. :)

Cole's spending the night at a friend's house so I'm momentarily home alone. The blessed silence was probably what allowed me to have such an awesome nap earlier. Although, come to think of it, I did get two phone calls while napping. I don't really remember them though. I just remember my mom telling me that it was too late for a nap. I told her she was wrong. I think that H was the other person that called. I'm pretty sure. I wonder what I said to her.

Anyway. Book stuff:
Book #85 - Darkness on the Edge of Town by Brian Keene - This book just didn't work for me. *shrug* Oh, well. It happens.
Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday (02/25/11) - Up a little early so I can get into the link list toward the top. For the Follow Friday post I got to wax poetic about how I used to plan bank meetings so they didn't conflict with my Buffy watching. Good times, guys. Good times.

I was hoping to hit 90 books by the end of February but I don't know if it's going to happen. I just don't know.

Alright then. I'm out.

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You are nicer (or more responsible) than me. I wouldn't have answered the phone! Yay for naps! :) I wish sometimes that I lived in Spain or somewhere that they are common.

I answered it simply because I was half asleep and the phone was right next to my head. Lol! It was a learned response to the ringing of the phone.
I nap every day and I live in California. Word!

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