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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

What are you waiting for?

I took Cole and Hailey to see I Am Number Four today and that was an experience. Not the movie, which I liked, but the whole sharing the drink and popcorn thing. Holy Hannah, those kids will fight about anything. Hailey complained that she didn't want us eating the popcorn before the movie started. Cole complained that Hailey was drinking too much of the soda. Hailey complained that Cole was drinking too much of the soda. Cole complained because Hailey was looking at him. It was like a terrible movie-theater bitch fest.

But I did like the movie. Alex Pettyfer is pretty. And some of those action-y scenes were coooool. Also, hello, Timothy Olyphant, you have lovely eyes.

Okay. Bookish stuff:
Book #84 - A Wicked Gentleman (Cavendish Square #1) by Jane Feather - This was one of those really quick reads (and this is despite the hefty 450+ pages) that was fun and flirty.

I'm reading a book right now that's not doing much for me but I'm over halfway done and I just keep telling myself that if I push through it'll be over and I won't have to re-read it any time in the future.


Randomness: There's a 50% chance of snow in Morgan Hill on Friday. Those of you who have been relentlessly battered by storm after storm might be all "WHATEVER! My 17 feet beats your 50% any day of the week!" but we don't get snow here. Occasionally in the mountains. Occasionally. So this is huge. Epic even. I'm expecting Gandalf to drop in later and pull a ring out of the fire and send me on a doomed journey where I'll have to make googly eyes at my best friend while traveling by foot over craggy mountain passes.

I'm not going to let some snaggle toothed guy with 10 hairs on his head bite my finger off either.

Okay. I'm done now.

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why were they splitting snacks?

2 reasons.
I'm cheap.
We went to Taco Bell right before the movie so I knew they wouldn't be able to finish a drink and popcorn each.

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