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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

Give 'em hell!

I'm having an off day. It's been raining non-stop here and I think the gray skies and pitter-patter of raindrops has lulled me into a state of suspended animation. I cleaned my bathroom this morning because I had an electrical guy coming over to check out a frizty light in our crawl space and I didn't want to be all groggy and half asleep (his window was scheduled during my nap time, dammit!). It was one of those things where I had to keep moving so I wouldn't sit down and not get up again. Anyway. I cleaned my bathroom, straightened up my room a bit, the guy came over, did his thing, left and I fell into a coma-like nap. Seriously, I only woke up because my alarm went off and even then it was a struggle to get myself up and moving to pick the kids up from school.

The rest of the day flew by in a blur. I honestly don't know what I did. I made dinner. I posted my wishlist post early over at my book blog. I... I don't think I did anything else. I think I lost a few hours today. Weird.

I have some home town things I have a hankering to talk about, btw, but I'm just not feeling motivated at the moment.

So. Book stuff:
On My Wishlist (week 22) - A second go at the bargain e-books, specifically pre-orders, that have been popping up all of a sudden. I love being able to nab a book for a buck. Even those $2 ones are a sweet, sweet deal.

Yeah. I didn't pick a single book up today. I don't remember the last time I had a bookless day.

Anyway. I'm off to try and catch up on my shows again.
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