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Heroes-Red umbrella in the rain

Come dance with me...

This morning I took my grandma and mom to the airport. I have two things to say about this... torrential rain and sucktastic traffic. Wow. What a way to start the day. It also rained the entire time I was at work. I didn't have a single person come in to the office in the four hours I was there. Then I had the torrential downpour on the way home. It was so bad that I couldn't see the lines on the road. Not really ideal driving conditions, if you know what I mean.

The moral of this story is that it rained a lot and driving in it sucked.

Have I ever mentioned that I watch Fringe but I have no fucking clue what's going on in it? No clue. None. Sometimes I wonder why I'm still bothering. And then I realize that it's because I like to look at Joshua Jackson. He's such a cutie.

Okay. Books.
Book #78 - The Spurned Viscountess by Shelley Munro - Gothic and kinda sweet.
Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday (02/18/11) - I did Friday's post a little early. Well, it's half done. Maybe not even that. It's up. That's what matters.

There you have it.
Rain and books.

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I loved S1+2 of Fringe but this season, with all the shipping and the latest twist... I'm losing interest fast. Joshua Jackson is the only thing that keeps making me come back now.

I told someone that I felt like I had missed an episode somewhere that explained everything that was going on this season. They told me I hadn't which just confused me even more. What the hell is going on this season? Lol!

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