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Psych-Gus is stealth

You're shouting softly ...

Today was interesting ... Cole had a little bit of money to burn (late Christmas present, you know) and he really wanted to get a new X-Box game. Since part of the money was in a Best Buy giftcard, I told him we'd go to Best Buy after school. So, we get there and it turns out that they were out of the one game he really wanted (I should have checked before hand but I didn't even think of it). So we wandered over to Barnes and Noble (Hello, bargain books!) and then to the craft store to get some supplies he needs for his big project on Greece. Then we trekked back over to the Target by our house so he could buy the game he was desperately wanting.

If I hadn't have been able to browse in the bookstore or picked up the supplies that Cole needed for his project, this would have been the most wasted afternoon ever. EVER! But it wasn't. Yay!

I work tomorrow. On Saturday, I made a list of things I'm planning on getting done. I think my productivity scares my boss-lady.

Book #63 - Beyond the Night (Envy Chronicles #1) by Joss Ware - Series books are so much better when you read then in the proper order.
Book #64 - All In Time by Ciana Stone - A little predictable but not bad.
Book #65 - An Unwanted Hunger by Ciana Stone - I wish I could say the same for this book but the sex scene that I had read in the previous book showed up in this one nearly word for word. Talk about killing the mood.

I'm caught up on reviews and I have tomorrow's post ready. Awesome!

I'm out.