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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

If only it were written in blood ...

I don't want anyone to be horribly shocked by this but I'm not a big football fan. In fact, I', not much of a big Any-type-of-sports fan. I enjoy hockey upon occasion, but I rarely watch an entire game and I sure as hell don't drop everything whenever a game is on. the point in this is that although I wandered over to Amb's house today while the Superbowl was on, I neither knew who was playing nor cared all that much who won. I went. I played with Baby R. I ate. I read. I came home.

Speaking of Baby R, here's a totally adorkable picture of him:
Hahaha. He looks drunk. I swear he's not, but he totally looks like he's been tossing a few back. He's so freaking cute with his two little teeth and his crazy hair and his chipmunk cheeks. Awwwwwww!

Okay. Now to the books!
Book #60 - Review: Going All In (Three of a Kind #1) by Jess Dee - Sexy threesome story with poker. God, there are so many jokes I could choose from that I don't know where to start.
Book #61 - Bloodlust by Larissa Ione - A short erotic horror story with blood and guts and death!
Book #62 - Lone Star Trouble by Autumn Piper - Unfortunately, I disliked the main character so much that I couldn't enjoy this book. Boo.
In My Mailbox (02/06/11) - All free this week. I got some decent ones, too. Sometimes the free ones are real stinkers so this is a good thing.

I am done now.