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Dr Horrible-Evil evil evil

Nothing ever lasts forever ...

Since I have to work all day tomorrow (not really "all day", just 10-3), I'm getting my book posts ready so I won't be all discombobulated when evening rolls around and I haven't posted anything yet. See? I totally think ahead. Totally.

I had another marathon nap today. It was pushing 3 hours again. I swear I'm going to bed at normal-ish times and I've been taking my iron like a good girl. I don't know why I have this overwhelming urge to sleep all day long lately. Wait. Unless I'm finally becoming the creature of the night that I've always longed to be. It's going to make it hard to hold down a job if that's the case. Oh, well. When the creatures of the night call, someone has to answer. It might as well be me.

I have a bunch of book stuff:
Book #56 - Angels' Blood (Guild HUnter #1) by Nalini Singh - Whoa, this book was gooooood. Dark, sexy, bloody. It was like a damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie.
Book #57 - Rough Cut (Black and White #3) by Mari Carr - A fun little story with some bondage elements thrown in. Nothing too harrowing, but enough to titillate and make you grin.
Book #58 - Coin Operated by Ginny Glass - Quick, naughty fun in an office, in a laundry room and with some spanking. Apparently I'm going through the bondage section of my Kindle books right now. Lol!
Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday (02/04/11) - The books I'm reading and the books I'm pushing. I also talk about the word I'd like to use on a triple word space in Scrabble. I know. I don't always know where this stuff comes from either.

And that is all.