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Psych-quote-the best nutshelling

I can see this as a memory ...

I had my first official day at my new job. It was depressingly easy. Like, I was asking her what else I could do by the time it was time to head out. *blink blink* So, cake. Total cake. I imagine I'm going to to have to make sure I always have a book with me for those down times. *sigh* Not that I'm complaining. I'll never complain about being forced to read. Unless the books are tax law books or something. I just don't think I'd enjoy reading those all that much.

Not really the point I was trying to make. It was easy. I no longer have the new job jitters. I do, however, have the completely unrelated urge to head over to the Irish pub in downtown San Jose and quaff a pint or two of cider. Cider. Yum.

The not-so-fun side of this job is that it took me an hour to get there this morning. Traffic sucks. On the way home it only took me 30 minutes or so. Now, that's more like it. By the by, I was cruising home, singing along to something bouncy, and I glance over at the car next to me and the driver is staring at me. Then he grinned. As if to say "You rock out with your bad self". Hahahaha.

Sometimes when I'm singing in the car I like to pretend that when people see me they just think that I'm talking animatedly on my hand-free cell phone. What? It could be true.

Okay. Books.
Book #52 - Lucien's Gamble by Sylvia Day - Everything I wrote in this review is true. Including me looking around for someone to validate my awesomeness. \o/
Teaser Tuesday (02/01/11) - Zombies (from an OMG!Hilarious book), unexplainable thangs, vampire hunters (jugular severing not included), and dreaming a little dream (not the Haim/Feldman movie).

I am done now.

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Glad your first day went well, even if it was a bit boring - Better a boring first day than an overwhelming one.

The singing in the car moment sounds amusing to put it lightly, I despise being caught singing and dancing around when I think I'm alone. I literally drop to the floor red-faced if I'm caught like it at home though I fear there would be no escape being caught like that in heavy traffic!

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