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Everything begins to falter ...

I start my new job next Tuesday so I decided to not give a fuck this week and just kick back. Which is pretty much how the past two years of my life have gone, so I'm not doing anything different. I had this really lame ass idea to read the shit out of everything I can get my hands on but then I realized that I've been doing that for the past 24 days. Why change a good thing? I ask.

FYI, reading 40 books in 24 days (technically more that that, but I haven't written reviews up on two of them) makes me feel like I'm dipping into the realm of obsessive. The good news is that soon I'll be able to talk about how people don't pay their rent on time instead of books. I know. Control your excitement. Did I mention that the new job is only part time? 3 days a week. I'm going to be doing the same old thing I've been doing before (with the reading, oh, the reading!), I'll just be going to bed slightly earlier three of those days.

So. Books.
Book #40 - Eternal Prey (Gods of the Nights #3) by Nina Bangs - I'm still not sure how dinosaurs ended up being so sexy, but this book is the best of the series so far. A few answers, a few new questions. Nice.

I gave the dogs a bath the other day and I'm so much happier with the way they smell. WHO KNEW?

Okay. I'm out.