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We'll make it through ...

I have a story to tell ... Yes, it is about books, but more to the point it's about the weird customer service I've been getting from Amazon lately.

Let's start with this: I actually think Amazon does a great job of getting their shipments out in a timely manner. I have Amazon Prime so I get free 2-day shipping in pretty much everything. I love 2-day shipping. I order it today and it shows up on Wednesday. That's fast enough for me that I don't have the urge to go to an actual bookstore and indulge in some instant gratification.

So, when I say that the delivery service that Amazon uses in my neck of the woods has been sucking since they switched over from Fed-Ex or UPS or whatever it was before, you gotta feel me here. OnTrac. OnTrac sucks ass. I kid you not, last week, they called us at 8 at night to get directions to our house and then informed me that they wouldn't be able to deliver it that day. Umm... then why the fuck did you call? To add a little more insult to that, the box didn't actually arrive until almost 7 the next evening.

Did you guys read the part about how I pay for Amazon Prime specifically so I can get my orders within 2 days? Yeah. Waiting an extra day for my order is not making me happy.

So, here's where things reached boiling point for me: Last week, I ordered some books on Wednesday. According to all their estimates, I should have received them on Friday. Do-able. Around 8:00 Friday night I check the tracking log to see why it's not in my sweaty little hands yet. According to that, the package had been out for delivery since 6 am Friday morning. Okay.

I didn't get it Friday night.

I didn't get it Saturday.

Now I'm pissed because I figured that between no deliveries on Sunday and today being a holiday without mail service, I'm not going to get it until Tuesday. Remember, I pay a yearly fee for 2-day shipping. So this morning I jump onto the Amazon site and check the tracking again. Now it says that it's been out for delivery since 7 am Monday morning. *glare* I decided to send an email to Amazon letting them know this.

I sent a kick ass email, guys. KICK ASS! I detailed out what had happened this time as well as a few times prior to this one. It was nice, to the point and I got all the things I wanted to say into it.

Their response? Thank you for telling us that you didn't receive your most recent order, we've re-ordered it and you'll be receiving it tomorrow. Umm, that's great guys, but I didn't want a replacement order. I wanted you to address why the delivery service you're using sucks ass. On top of that, by the time I got the replacement order email, the original order had been delivered.

Now, I have to send back an order that I never requested while getting progressively angrier that my complaint was never addressed in the first place.

I broke and called them. I hate talking on the phone with customer service, but I did it. Fortunately, the girl who helped me actually understood what I was attempting to tell her (did the first person even read past the part of the email where I questioned why my most recent order hadn't arrived yet?!?!) and she canceled the replacement order before it was sent out, sent in a complaint about the delivery and then she quite sweetly gave me a $15 credit toward my next order. Which I've already spent.

I have no complaints with Amazon itself. I love shopping through Amazon because I can get practically anything I would ever, should ever, could ever need. But, MY GOD, do I hate the low-ball delivery people they're using right now.

Okay. I've worked through my anger issues. I'm cool. I got 2 free books out of it.

I also read a book or two today to blow off steam:
Book #27 - Night Betrayed (Envy Chronicles #4) by Joss Ware - I think I would have enjoyed this more if I had read the first 3 books in the series.
Book #28 - Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between (Rhiannon's Law #1) by J.A. Saare - Fucking hell, this book was good. Like, insanely good. Like, WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS READING THIS?!? good. Also, it's .99 right now for the Kindle. I'll even put the damn link here so can click right on over to it: Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between. Go forth and read it, babies. And then thank me later.

I went on and on here. Sorry about that.
I'll go now.