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How about opening a can of 'getting it done'!?!

Rough night last night, guys. Roooough night. I got a few hours of sleep before I hauled my butt off of Lacey's couch and dragged myself home. Then I slept for 3 or so hours. I took a shower first, though, so I had a serious case of bedhead from falling asleep with my hair wet. Awesome.

Anyway, since I slept most of the day away, I really don't have anything fun and exciting to write about. I didn't even do much bookish stuff today. Well, actually I finished a book, but I haven't written the review yet, so... yeah. We'll just save that for tomorrow.

Book stuff:
In My Mailbox (01/16/11) - It was a slow week on the free download front. *is sad*

I'm done.
I'm thinking about getting something to eat, but that seems like a lot of work right now.

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well, the first part of the evening was awesome! next time: moderation.

It was that mystery drink the bartender made me. It was lethal!

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