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FF-Big Damn Heroes

Bring it all along ...

Okay, guys. I have a story to tell you. It's not terribly, terribly exciting unless you know how awful I am at directions. If you do know, you'll be laughing your ass off because this is so classic fucking me that it's hilarious.

Here goes: I had what you could call a job interview today. In Palo Alto. This is about 45 minutes away from where I live. My best friend (lj user="malkovich03"> happens to work in Palo Alto so I *kinda* know my way around. Oh, who am I kidding? I can find my way from the freeway to her work. If the planets align and if I'm lucky.

So I talked Eric into going with me because I really do have a horrid sense of direction and I didn't want to get lost and end up being late to an interview. We're cruising along in Palo Alto and I'm like... "LOOK! That's Lacey's bank! This is so exciting! Maybe if I flail my arms like an idiot and shriek loudly she'll know I'm nearby!" For the record, she didn't know. Apparently I didn't shriek loud enough.

I think I need to add at this point that I didn't have actual directions to the place we were trying to get to. I has the address and a page of hand scrawled directions consisting of left on El Camino, rt on whatever. I kinda figured that as long as I had my phone, which has GPS in it, everything would be fine.

Yeah. No. That's not what happened. We ended up in some janky part of town and had to turn around and the street we turned down to turn around on had some guy sleeping in the back of his truck with his legs sticking out. I'm like... "Dead body. Dead body. Dead body." It was weird and off-putting.

Anyway. I cranked up my GPS (FINALLY!) and we had to backtrack to the street that Lacey's bank is on. Because the guy's office is right down the street from the fucking bank. I kid you not. I was so excited that I recognized a landmark that I totally didn't check the street name. *face palm*

I made it there in plenty of time, in case you're wondering. I was even able to go score a cup of coffee, which was sorely needed at that point. I also got to see the delectable Lacey and she made me laugh so hard I think I almost cracked a rib. damnyouautocorrect.com ... that's all I'm going to say about that.

As for the interview. I think it went well. It's something very different than what I did before so there's that. Otherwise, I won't know anything until next week. No, I'm still not thrilled to be diving back into a normal job, but I'll get over it. I have a plan, you know. A good plan that involves working for myself eventually. I'll just have to make it happen.

After all that... Book stuff!
Book #24 - Personal Demons (Personal Demons #1) by Lisa Desrochers - I had a lot of fun writing this review. I was able to wax poetic about my love of bad boys. Yum.
Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday (01/14/11) - I don't even know how I rambled as much as I did. *shakes head*

As a random aside, I've had several of my reviews linked by some of the authors who wrote the books and it's such a thrill to have someone I admire thank me for reading their books. It makes me giddy.

My dog is snoring. Ha!

Okay. I'm done now.