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Quote-I'm not anti-social

We want it all ...

I have spent the day trying to clean up my computer. I noticed that it had been taking longer and longer to boot up recently, so I ran a couple of different virus sweeps, defragged the little beauty and just tried to be a good computer mommy in general. I think it's running faster now, but it's kinda hard to tell. Unless I want to shut it down and let it boot up again. Which I don't. I'll see tomorrow when I start it up.

You know, it's later than I thought. When did that happen?

Okay onto the bookish stuff:
Book #19 - 47 Echo by Shawn Kupfer - I feel like I keep repeating myself here: This isn't my normal type of book, but I got a kick out of it.
Endlessly Quotable: City of Bones (part 2) - I really had forgotten how much I loved this book. Which is weird since I just read it 4 months ago.
Teaser Tuesday (01/11/11) - Dead bodies, lies, flawed heroines and ... interior decorating?

I must say that it was a good reading day.
And that's about all I can say.