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Books-SK-Bad Moon Rising

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I had a stupidly productive day today. Don't let this go beyond this blog but I reorganized my bookcases again. Shhh. It's a secret! Very hush-hush, if you know what I mean.

Seriously, I did reorganize. When I shelved my Christmas gifts a week or so back it just didn't look quite right. I had to move one set of books up a shelf and move another over and put my Harry Potters somewhere else entirely. It was a whole production but I like how it's laid out now. I still think I need another bookcase, but I can deal for the time being.

Since I'm talking about books, I've been diligently updating the Reading Challenges I entered. I had to go in a tweak the E-Book Challenge from 20 books read on an e-reader to 100 because at the rate I'm going I'll have read 20 e-books by the end of January. And that just seemed way too easy. So, 100. Word!

Book #15 - His Conquest by Diana Cosby - Apparently this is part of a series, something I did not know until after I wrote the review. Hmm. Maybe that explains why I felt like I was missing some of the backstory.
Book #16 - All Night With a Rogue (Lords of Vice #1) by Alexandra Hawkins - I liked this one a lot more than I thought I would.
Book #17 - Love Immortal by Felicity Heaton - I get to make a size joke in the review. It was awesome! On a non-size related note, I kinda loved the hero in this one.
Book #18 - Counterfeit Magic (Women of the Otherworld) by Kelley Armstrong - God, I love this series!
In My Mailbox (01/09/11) - I'm trying to be better about reading books that I spend money on. The free ones can sit and wait for a bit, but if I'm shelling out money I want to read it IMMEDIATELY! I think I did a fair job this week. I reviewed all but one of the books I purchased. Go, me!

I know I talk about books a lot but I've been having so much fun since I set up that book blog. I'm book-crazy!

Okay. That about does it for me.