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Psych-Gus is stealth

I never noticed...

Umm ... just because it's 10 at night doesn't mean I won't find time to get a few hundred words in tonight. Right? Somebody hold me. I'm not doing so well on this writing resolution.

DO you guys want to know what sucked up a major portion of my time today? I'll tell you! I've been following Cassandra Clare's tweets (@cassieclare) as she updates us on the book trailer that's being shot this weekend for her upcoming book City of Fallen Angels. Well, hell. I want to borrow those pretty, pretty boys and pull them out every once in a while to pet. Oh, dear! I might have to write a story about that now. There's three of them. Rrrrrwwwr.

Okay. Bookish stuff. I have two more reviews to write if I want to be caught up but I don't think I'm going to get to both of them tonight. We'll see.
Book #14 - Stone Kissed by Keri Stevens - An interesting and fun little paranormal romance. Hey, it's not every day that you read about someone who can talk to statues. I mean, usually they don't respond, do they?
On My Wishlist (Week 17) - I have a bit of money left over from my Christmas gift cards and I can't decide what to buy.

I really have nothing more to say.