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FF-Quote-The book of my life

It's easy if you try ...

I'm curious how I can spend all day doing things and yet have nothing to show for it. I don't get that. It kinda makes me feel like I lounge around all day in my pjs reading and trolling the internet for fun and interesting things to share with people. Oh, wait. That's kinda what I did do today. That, plus a trip to the library to pick up a book for Cole to do a book report on. I also took my dogs on a lot of walks. And... no, that's it.

I am seriously stepping up my job searching yet again. My heart is breaking into little bitty pieces at the thought of being chained down to a soul sucking job again, but I've kinda reached the point where some sort of job is a necessity. Money, you know. Blech. I would love something that I could do at home and I still haven't given up on that (and probably never will now that I've gotten a taste of what not working in an office is like) but things are looking pretty slim on that front.

Tomorrow: More job searching, writing and probably reading.

Which reminds me that I'm a little embarrassed by how many books I've already read this year. You'll understand once I put up today's reviews.
Book #6 - My Soul To Keep (Soul Screamers #3) by Rachel Vincent - The best in the series thus far, in my opinion.
Book #7 - Angelic (Women of the Otherworld) by Kelley Armstrong - I love this series and I was thrilled when this novella popped up on the Kindle for a mere $2.99.
Book #8 - Gentlemen Prefer Succubi (Succubus Diaries #1) by Jill Myles - Currently a free online read over at Pocket After Dark that I absolutely couldn't put down. Loved it. To pieces.
Teaser Tuesday - Immortals, Zombies and Fae! Love!

Umm, yeah. I'm averaging 2 books a day at this point. I know this won't keep up, but I can't stop reading. It's like a fever in my blood. Which reminds me: Shadowfever, the final book in the Fever series, comes out January 18th and I'm DYING for it!

Randomly, last year I only read 3 books the entire month of January. Huh. I think I'm going to kick that number in the booty and show it who's boss! Hard!
Okay. I'm done.