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Don't look back ...

As is my tradition on New Year's Eve, I watched a few movies. Hailey and I started off the evening with Resident Evil: Afterlife which was pretty much just like I remembered it from the theater except without the 3D. The opening scene in the rain in Tokyo is still gorgeous. The fight scenes are fun and brutal. There wasn't enough one on one zombie action. Of the fighting variety. In my opinion. After REA, we popped in the first Resident Evil. Hailey has now abandoned me and I'm watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse (which, crap, is also REA) by myself. I cleaned the bathroom through the end of RE, though so it's not like I've been mindlessly watching moves all day.

Speaking of Resident Evil, I made a webpage for the movies. It's pretty much all the same stuff that used to be on my Zombie movies page, but that page was getting HUGE and I decided to break it up into smaller, more manageable sections. If anyone has an account (or whatever you'd call it) with Squidoo, I'd love you forever if you could pop over and rate it for me. Rating is easy now, you just click on the thumbs up in the upper left hand corner and you're done. So, please?
The Resident Evil Movies

I also made a page for Southern Arcana by Moira Rogers the other day. That's a paranormal romance series about werewolves, warlocks, shapeshifters and psychics that's absolutely amazing. Same goes with that page- for anyone who can, a rating would be fabulous.

I have a bunch of year end books things to post but first I want to throw out a few numbers.

In 2010 I read 311 books according to Goodreads. By my count, which doesn't include most of the stand alone short stories that I included at GR, my total sits at 289. The goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year was to read 100 books. I think I did pretty darn well.

I wrote 165,295 words, which consisted of one full length novel, 2/3 of a second novel and snippet of a story that fizzled out. I'm working on finishing novel #2 before I dig into some serious editing for novel #1. The goal I set for myself with writing was to write more. I can say with confidence that I accomplished that.

I wrote a fucking book, guys.

Anyway. The book stuff.
Book #289 - Impetuous by Lori Foster - Enjoyable but nothing earth shattering. Although the price was very nice.
Follow Friday - Some of my book blogging resolutions for 2011.
Kelly's Favorite Books of 2010 - Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Some new-to-me books that I found fantastic.
Year in Review - Pretty much all the stats I gave you above about the books I read, but a little more in depth.

Tomorrow: My 2011 resolutions!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!