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It's right in front of me ...

OMG! Guys, Cole had a friend spend the night last night and the amount of food this kid eats freaking boggles me. Let me draw you a picture: I made muffins for breakfast. Cole had two. Hailey had one. My mom had one. Cole's friend had FIVE. FIVE! As in the number after FOUR! Now, these weren't huge, bakery sized muffins or anything but FIVE? And when I took them for lunch he asked for a double burger with fries. O_o I just... Cole doesn't eat like that. I wasn't expecting to come downstairs in the afternoon and find that the dozen muffins I'd baked this morning had been whittled down to 3. Cole and Hailey are more in the grazers camp. They eat a little here and a little there. For all I know, they eat the same amount as his friend but it isn't all in one gluttonous swoop. I'm still going like this --> O_o

So, yeah. I had a little talk about portions with Cole after his friend left and even Cole was kinda weirded out by the sheer amount of food he consumed. I'm just glad I don't have to feed him on a regular basis. I'd be prostituting myself for grocery money.

Anyway. Books stuff:
Book #288 - My Soul To Take (Soul Screamers #1) by Rachel Vincent - A really cool take on the Celtic banshee myth.
Short story review - Reaper (Soul Screamers) by Rachel Vincent - A quick peek into the life of one of the characters in My Soul To Take and the events that drove him to become a Reaper.
Short story review - My Soul To Lose (Soul Screamers) by Rachel Vincent - Diving into the events that led Kaylee into being hospitalized before My Soul To Take and her short stay in the mental ward.

I prepared a huge post on my favorite books for 2010 that I'll probably post later tonight. I got to take a look at the new books in established series I loved and new-to-me authors I discovered when I went crazy with my Kindle.

I also have this driving yearning to do a book-centric wrap-up post so I can smile vapidly at how many books I read this year. If I manage to get my shit together, I'll write that one up tonight as well. Or maybe I'll write it up tomorrow and read tonight. I don't know.

FYI, I did end up doing a bit of writing on my NaNo story last night. Yeah, all 235 words worth. Fear me.

Okay. I'm done.