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FF-Quote-The book of my life

This is the first and the last of it ...

I keep losing track of time today. I swear it was just 8:30. And now it's much, much later. But how, guys? How did this happen?

Anyway. I got up around 7 this morning to take the dogs out and when I went downstairs I was slightly shocked to find all the decorations boxed up and put away and my mom glaring balefully at the tree as she wrangled ornaments off. At 7 in the morning. She'd been up for a couple of hours putting things away. Why? I'm not so much questioning that the Christmas stuff was being put away the day after Christmas (hey, the holiday is over, it's time to go!) but rather that she got so much done so damn early in the morning. I was in awe. Still am, in fact.

After cursing and pummeling the tree out the door, the fam and I went up to Target to see if they had any good after-Christmas sales. Apparently they really didn't becasue I only bought food. Well, I also bought candy canes, but those are food-ish. Aren't they? And 2 dozen candy canes will last me 2 or 3 weeks. I hope.

Book stuff:
Book #282 - Unlacing the Innocent Miss by Margaret McPhee - Uggh. This book made me weepy. And it's a Harlequin Historical romance. How did that happen?
Book #283 - Switched (Trylle Trilogy #1) by Amanda Hocking - Trolls and changelings! Neat!
Short story review - The Brave Tale of Maddie Carver (Downside Ghosts) by Stacia Kane - A free short story that Stacia Kane offered as a Christmas present to her fans.
In My Mailbox - OMG! Epic doesn't begin to cover it. With pictures!

Well, since it's late I should probably grab the kid and force him off to bed.