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DW-Rose-Look to the side to see it!

I'm like a ninja with those scissors!

I finished wrapping gifts! I feel like I can conquer the world at the moment. It's amazing! Phenomenal! Outstanding! Take that, world! I have conquered!

I'm sure this is the lament of all adult-type people who are stuck at home while the kids are on their holiday break: The kids are driving me bonkers! For the love of angel food cake! How in the hell can they be so freaking annoying after only a few days? How? *crawls into a corner and weeps* I'm okay with them the first half of the day and then the afternoon rolls around. Things are all downhill from there. All downhill.

Anyway. I know they're just excited for Christmas and stuff. I know that once the thrill of the upcoming festivities have passed they'll settle down. The question is, will I mentally be in one piece after? Unknown.

Yeah. Book stuff:
Book #280 - Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee - Steampunk and murder most foul.
2011 Reading Challenges (pt 2) - Some e-book fun.
Giveaway - Celebrating the Southern Arcana series by Moira Rogers - One of my favorite authors has a new book coming out at the beginning of January. I'm giving away one e-book of each of the three books in the series - Including the new one. Go. Enter. Enjoy.

So, there you have it.
Did I mention that I finished my wrapping? :)

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Oops I haven't even begun to wrap. And it's Christmas Eve just before 2pm. Well that isn't exactly true. I started to wrap one of Alex's presents while they were out shopping for ME, but that is the moment they came home.

Of course he's been ensconced in his room playing his DS for the last hour and I probably could have taken the mantle back up then for wrapping. Ooops

All I can say is that you'd best start soon or your back will be hating you tomorrow. (all that bending, you know)

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