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Stock-Winter-Blue and beautiful

We're going to be all right ...

I did not realize how late it was getting. Huh. I apparently have lost all sense of time and space. Interesting.

I did some Christmas wrapping today. Not all of it. I lost steam about halfway through. Hopefully that means that I can get it done tomorrow. Awesome.

Book stuff:
Book #278 - A Peyton Family Christmas (Southern Arcana #2.5) by Moira Rogers - A short story that bridges the gap between Crossroads and Deadlock and lets us take a peek at the first Christmas that Nick and Derek spend together.
Book #279 - Hero (Cat Star Chronicles #6) by Cheryl Brooks - Concluding the story arc and tying things up while setting up a new arc. Nice.
Waiting on Wednesday - The Mysterious Lady Law - Steampunk awesomeness!

And that pretty much concludes my day.

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Found you on Squidoo -- attracted by the books/writing. I'm just starting out on the blogging path -- book reviews (I lack the creativity for better) -- are you interested in swapping blog links?


Cheers, Paul (http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/PaulOnBooks)

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